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Welcome to Ozone International Official Website

OZONE INTERNATIONAL combines science with state of the art technology to provide feasible solutions for environment.

OZONE INTERNATIONAL is a promising office in the field of Environment Protection and Occupational health and safety. The office will generate lots of final, up to date and cost effective solutions to different environmental and HSE problems. We utilize state of the art technology in consultancy and analysis equipment to assure top and updated services to our clients.

OZONE INTERNATIONAL is dedicated to continued improvement in the understanding of the relationship between human activities and the environment. We are committed to providing practical solutions to support the ever growing strong economy and industrial progress of the UAE and the Middle East, based on the principles of sustainable use of the Earth’s resources and maintenance of a safe and healthy environment.

We maintain high standards in the delivery of services to our clients and remain inspired by the challenge of achieving balance in the sustainable development and conservation of UAE environmental resources.

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Environmental News
Environmental News

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